Tis the season for baking, and if there’s one thing that steals the spotlight on every American kitchen counter during Christmas, it’s the traditional Christmas cookies. No frills, no fuss— just delicious cookies that have become a national holiday staple. 

It’s just not Christmas without cookies!

A graphic showing the results of a survey on America's most popular Christmas Cookies, shown in a horizontal bar graph.

Families come together to bake more this time of year than any other. According to PR Newswire, 93% of Americans bake cookies during the holiday season, and 61% bake three or more batches between Thanksgiving and New Years. 

93% of Americans bake cookies during the holiday season, and 61% bake three or more batches between Thanksgiving and New Year. 

PR Newswire

We polled over 2700 people around the country to discover America’s favorite additions to a Christmas cookie plate. Some of the results might surprise you! 

(You can take the survey here.)

The Top 5 Cookies:

A graphic showing the top 5 favorite Christmas Cookies from a survey of over 2700 people.

The Iced Sugar Cookie takes the top spot, stealing the show as the most favorite Christmas cookie with classic sweetness and festive decorations. Simple, delicious, and a canvas for creativity- it’s the “go-to” for holiday bakers. 

A white plate with five Christmas frosted sugar cookies on it, three trees and two stars.

Coming in at number two are Snowball cookies (sometimes known as Mexican Wedding Cookies and Russian Tea Cakes). These little rounds of nutty goodness, covered in powdered sugar, bring a melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s hard to resist. Thank you Katie for this wonderful recipe!

A red bowl filled with easy Snowball Cookies.

Versatile Peanut Butter Cookies deserve to be in the top three- simple, satisfying, and loved by both kids and adults. Change the chocolate on top, and these Peanut Butter Blossoms can easily be altered for any holiday!

A close up image showing homemade Peanut Butter Cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle.

Snickerdoodles claim the fourth spot, offering a chewy delight with their cinnamon-sugar coating. They bring a comforting warmth to the holiday cookie lineup. 

Snickerdoodle cookies on a black wire cooling rack.

Rounding out the top five is the classic Gingerbread Cookie, bringing a spicy kick to the cookie jar. Whether shaped like people, trees, or stockings, these roll-out cookies are one of the most popular Christmas cookies.

A child holding a homemade Gingerbread Cookie.

More Christmas Themed Cookies:

For those seeking a festive twist, some extra Christmas cookie recipes offer a delightful array of flavors and shapes and offer a touch of magic to holiday baking. 

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookie– A gooey, chocolatey experience.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies on a wooden cutting board, dusted with powdered sugar with one bite taken out of one.

Reindeer Cookie– An adorable variation on a peanut butter cookie and fun to make with kids.

A Reindeer Cookie made with pretzels, candy eyes, a rolo, and a red m&m.

Christmas Cornflake Wreaths– A fun and festive twist on a classic rice krispie treat.

Homemade Cornflake Wreath with three little candy red hots to make mistletoe.

Turtle Cookies– Pecan and caramel goodness showcasing classic Christmas flavors.

Easy turtle cookies with a caramel center and drizzled with chocolate.

Spritz Cookie– Butter cookies shaped in a press.

Hoemmade Spritz cookies on a cutting board with a white glaze and holiday sprinkles.

(Recipe and photo from: Sugar Spun Run)

Grinch Heart Cookies – A fun variation on the traditional sugar cookie.

Grinch heart cookies, being held up by someone's hand.

(Recipe and photo from: The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Red Velvet Cookies– Beautiful, festive cookies with a silky cream cheese filling.

Three red velvet homemade Oreo cookies stacked on top of each other, with another one leaning against the stack.

Honorable Mentions:

Beyond the top five, these honorable mentions showcase a variety of Christmas cookie ideas showcasing different flavors and textures.  

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie– fudgey, crinkled, and super chocolatey!

A stack of Chocolate Crinkle cookies coated in powdered sugar, with the top one taken a bite out of it.

(Recipe and photo from: Small Town Woman)

Shortbread Cookie– simple, buttery, and always satisfying.

A stack of rectangle Shortbread Cookies.

(Recipe and photo from: Christina’s Cucina)

Molasses Cookie– rich, chewy, and filled with warm spices.

Soft and chewy ginger molasses cookies on a plate, leaning against each other.

Chocolate Chip Cookie– the classic crowd-pleaser.

A plate of homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies with one of them broken in half.

Thumbprint Cookie– A dressed up shortbread cookie with homemade jam.

Homemade Jam Thumbprint Cookies on a plate, with raspberry jam in the middle of each.

(Recipe and photo from Sugar Spun Run)

Monster Cookie– The winner for the most ingredients in one cookie and always a hit.

Monster Cookies on a black wire cooling rack.

Chocolate Mint Cookie– Thick and chewy, with gooey chocolate from melted Andes mints.

Chocolate Mint Cookies with Andes mints broken up inside a chocolate cookie.

M&M Cookie– A classic that deserves a place in every recipe box.

Homemade M&M cookies on a cooling rack, ready to enjoy.

Jumbo Chocolate Cookies– jumbo, double chocolate cookies for the true chocolate lover.

A jumbo Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie, broken in half.

Whether it’s the comforting warmth of a Snickerdoodle or the melt-in-your-mouth texture of a Snowball, Christmas cookies embody the spirit of the holidays. We share these sweet treats with neighbors, mail carriers, teachers, friends, and, of course, Santa himself. Cookies generate a spirit of togetherness and kindness that can’t be found anywhere else.

As the holiday season unfolds and the aroma of freshly baked cookies continues to weave its magic, let’s bake up memories that linger long after the last crumbs have disappeared. 

After all, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies!

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