Instant Pot Chicken Teriyaki Bowls with fresh vegetables and teriyaki sauce are an all-in-one dinner that is ready in minutes!

 White bowl filled with Instant Pot chicken teriyaki rice and vegetables.

The other day I read a comment on social media from a woman that was unhappy with her instant pot.  Her negatvitiy hit a cord with IP fanatics and there was a stream of debate in the comments below her post.  I enjoyed reading the comments and afterwards I felt like giving my IP a little kiss.  I just love it! Let me teach you how to get the most out of your instant pot!

If you are unsure about his whole IP fad, all you need to do is make this Instant Pot Applesauce (which cooks the best homemade applesauce in just 8 minutes) or these Instant Pot Chicken Taco Bowls. What is not to love about a meal where you can throw raw ingredients in a pot and have it ready to eat in less than 20 minutes?  And did I mention there is just one pot to wash when you’re finished?

I’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t love their IP has just not found the right recipes to try!  I hope you love this instant pot chicken teriyaki bowls recipe as much as my family does!

An instant pot filled cooked rice, vegetables, chicken and teriyaki sauce.


DISCLAIMER: I developed and tested this recipe for use in the 6-QUART INSTANT POT. If you’re using a larger IP you may need to add more liquid so that you don’t get a burn notice..  Not all instant pot recipes work perfectly for all types of instant pots.  See this article for more information on adapting recipes for your instant pot.


Yes, but some adaptions will be needed. Add ½ – 1 cup more chicken broth, and I would also suggest using chicken thighs, or cooking the chicken separately, so that it doesn’t get overcooked/dry. Brown rice takes longer to cook in the IP–about 22-24 minutes (22 for low elevations, 24 for higher). Then follow the same pressure release instructions.

An instant pot with rice at the bottom of the pot next to another photo of the instant pot with chicken broth, chicken breast and teriyaki sauce added on top of the rice.


Substitute the chicken for flank steak, to make a beef teriyaki bowl. Sear the meat in a little bit of oil, on the saute setting, and then add the teriyaki sauce, rice and water. Cook time is the same.

You can add vegetables to the instant pot to cook (instead of sauteing them separately), but they will be really soft.

Add other vegetables you like, including edamame, snap peas, green beans, carrots, asparagus, bean sprouts, or others.


Yes, you can use frozen chicken, instead of fresh, if you’d like. I personally don’t love the way the instant pot cooks frozen chicken–it always seems “chewy” to me– but most people seem to like it just fine. For frozen chicken, do everything the same but cook for 10 minutes, with a 5 minute natural release.


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An instant pot filled cooked rice, vegetables, chicken and teriyaki sauce.
Prep 10 minutes
Cook 15 minutes
Total 25 minutes
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For garnish:


  • DISCLAIMER: I developed and tested this recipe in my 6-QUART INSTANT POT DUO. If you’re using a larger IP or a newer brand you may need to add more liquid so that you don’t get a burn notice. (The new IP are much more sensitive).  Not all instant pot recipes work perfectly for all types of instant pots.  See this article for more information on adapting recipes for your instant pot.
  • Rinse rice with water until water runs clear.
  • Add rice and 1 ½ cups water (or chicken broth) to the bottom of the instant pot. Spread into a single layer, making sure the rice is covered with water. 
  • Season chicken breast on all sides with salt and pepper, garlic powder and ground ginger. Add chicken to instant pot, nestling it on top of the rice. 
  • Pour ¼ cup of teriyaki sauce over chicken breast. Secure the lid, and set the valve to sealing.
  • Cook on manual or pressure cook, high pressure, for 4 minutes (IF using a THICK chicken breast, cook for 6-8 minutes high pressure).
  • Once the Instant Pot timer beeps, allow the pressure cooker to release naturally for 10 minutes., then quick release the remaining pressure.
  • While the mixture cooks, heat oil in a large skillet. Once hot, add chopped vegetables and sauté until tender. Add a few spoonfuls of teriyaki sauce to the vegetables and toss to coat.
  • Open instant pot lid and remove chicken to a cutting board to rest for 5 minutes. Fluff rice with a fork. 
  • Chop chicken, against the grain and add it and the vegetables back to the pot with the rice. 
  • Spoon servings into bowls and top with desired amount of teriyaki sauce. 
  • Garnish with sesame seeds, green onions, and sriracha hot sauce or crushed red pepper flakes, if desired.


*Suggestions for adapting this recipe can be found above in the post.


Calories: 428kcalCarbohydrates: 73gProtein: 24gFat: 3gCholesterol: 28mgSodium: 4516mgPotassium: 974mgFiber: 5gSugar: 20gVitamin A: 2260IUVitamin C: 169.8mgCalcium: 109mgIron: 3.7mg

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  1. 5 stars
    Very easy to throw together and adjust to your tastes. I took the advice in the notes and added a bit more water 2 cups to be exact, andmy rice wasn’t dry.

  2. 5 stars
    Made this after a long day of work and it hit all the spots! My fiancé loved it! I couldn’t believe it wasn’t take out ☺️

  3. 4 stars
    I am not sure exactly how I feel about this recipe. I do think I could add more flavor next time. However it did cook the chicken and rice perfectly. I might try adding extra seasonings next time. I will probably make this again.

  4. Made this tonight, used chicken tenders from Costco (the smaller boneless skinless chicken pieces) and chicken stock as the liquid. I Ddidn’t have commercial teriyaki sauce so whipped up a homemade one quickly while the Instantpot did its thing. This was easy, tasty and made a lot of food. I think it could have fed 6-8 people easily. Will make again!

      1. Hi Pam! I’ve checked it twice and the 2x is saying 3 cups broth for me. Can you let me know if it’s still showing 4 cups for you.

  5. 5 stars
    I made this tonight and it turned out great. I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs and seared them in the instapot in a little olive oil. I spiced them up with slat, pepper, garlic powder, grated fresh ginger, and cayenne. I skraped the brown bits off the bottom with some water and then added Jasmine rice and added a teaspoon of olive oil to the pot. I used 1/2 cup of organic teriyaki sauce in the pot. For the veggies I added another 1/2 cup of teriyaki sauce. I added more teriyaki sauce on top of the bowls once I served them up. The cayenne pepper was a great addition and made it a unique mildly spicy delicious casserole. I will definitely be making this again! Thank you!

  6. truthfully one of the worst recipes i have ever used. the rice burnt to the bottom leaving raw chicken.All we’ve done is cook rice and cover it with raw chicken juice.

  7. 5 stars
    Made this for the 10th time, this is my wife’s favorite. I used frozen chicken (2 half pound pieces). Cooked 11 minutes with 6 minute release. I also added onion to the sautéed veggies and that gave it a little pop. Never got a burn notice.

    1. 4 stars
      Made this tonight for my wife and I in an 8 quart Instant Pot. I added 1/2 cup more chicken broth and set the time for 6 minutes since my two chicken breasts were thicker as noted in your recipe. It came out pretty well except the rice was pasty.

  8. 1 star
    I do not recommend this, I have the same size and middle that this person is using and am still getting the burn error.

  9. 5 stars
    This turned out absolutely delicious! I halved my 2 chicken breasts, so they were thin and cooked them for 5 minutes, and the chicken and rice cooked beautifully in my Instant Pot! I also added a pound of shrimp (which I cooked separately in garlic, salt, and pepper) and pineapple, and I used 2 heads of broccoli instead of 1 and there was enough to feed my family of 5 (3 kiddos under 8) and we had enough for leftovers for my lunch:) I used 1/1/4 cups of teriyaki sauce in total- 1/2 in the instant pot and 3/4 in the veggie and meat mix- and there was plenty of flavor in everything so no additional sauce was needed!

  10. 4 stars
    Slightly bland and the chicken over cooked a tad. Just need to adjust seasoning to taste and then add onions (besides the green onion) and maybe pineapple to give it a little more taste. Has potential with a few adjustments

  11. 5 stars
    My family loved this recipe! Followed the recipes and instructions with no problem or burn notice. I added red onion and carrots to the veggies. Will definitely make this again. Glad I didn’t let the couple low reviews scare me off. Very tasty!

  12. 1 star
    Received burn notice before the instant pot even got to the correct pressure. Do not recommend. This was a huge waste of money and time.

    1. Make sure to wash your rice really well until the water comes out clear. Sometimes too much extra starch can make it sticky and cause it to burn in the instapot. Also, adding a little oil (like a teaspoon) and mixing the rice with the water and oil well before you close and seal it helps.

  13. Does this really contain 4516mg of sodium per serving? For a mother, that seems very irresponsible, so I will be changing the recipe to be more in line with safe daily sodium intake levels.

    I am sure it tastes great, but even with half the sodium, which is too much IMO, it would still taste great. All someone needs to do is use a lower sodium alternative to the 2 cups of teriyaki sauce. I will mix Teriyaki and Shoyu, which leaves a similar taste, but is remarkably lower in sodium.

    1. What a disgusting comment! How dare you call her an irresponsible mother. Take your holier-than-thou attitude and kiss off! If you don’t care for the recipe then keep scrolling.

  14. 1 star
    The thought is there, but even with adding significantly more water, burn notice before getting to pressure. Don’t recommend.

  15. What size pot would you suggest if I wanted to make this using the pot-in-pot method? I’ve gotten a lot of burn notices lately, so I thought I would try this method to avoid that.

  16. 5 stars
    Just bought my Instapot today and this was my very first time using. The dish came out delish!! The chicken was tender and I added shrimp to the mix and used white rice. I made a mix of Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce instead of teriyaki. It was super good! Look forward to making many more recipes!

  17. 4 stars
    I cooked for 8 minutes cuz chicken was thick and it came out cooked and juicy. I added 1/2 cup more liquid cuz I have an 8 quart and the rice was stickier than I wanted. Next time I’ll try less liquid. Any suggestions? Otherwise it tasted great

  18. 5 stars
    I have made this at least a half a dozen times now and it always turns out perfect! I love that the chicken and rice can be cooked together! Soooo easy! I cheat sometimes and use frozen veggies and always use Mr. Yoshidas teriyaki sauce . 🙂

  19. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious!!! I made it in my FARBERWARE pressure cooker, and because my husband barely has any teeth, I added about 1 cup more water after pulling out the chicken and added the veggies back in, pressure cooking on chicken setting for an additional 5 minutes! Veggies we’re soft enough for him, and this recipe is PERFECT!!!!

      1. Great recipe! Only had chicken thighs and stir fry sauce so I substituted it..still only did 4 min because the thighs were thin. I’m glad I didn’t go longer because the rice was on the verge of burning. I checked it with thermometer and it was good!

  20. 5 stars
    i did this by doing the chicken and rice in the pot, then taking it out and pressuring frozen veggies and rest of teriyaki sauce for 2 minutes, quick release, then stir it all together. delicious

  21. 5 stars
    I barely have this plated and I’ve got to write a review. I followed this recipe nearly to the letter, made my own teriyaki sauce from scratch, and it is divine! The rice and chicken cooked to perfection while I stir fried the veggies. Next time I may try adding the veggies to the pot and closing the lid to let them steam while I rest the chicken…then I could perhaps avoid the extra pan. I will make this again. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. 5 stars
      Followed directions and the rice was totally raw! And the juices look milky! Isn’t it supposed to be brown like the sauce??

    2. 4 stars
      It was really good! But u will cook the chicken separately alittle on the dry side. But it was very easy and delicious. Thanks

  22. 3 stars
    Chicken and veggies were good but rice was burnt / not cooked right, would probably just make rice seperately next time!

  23. 5 stars
    My family LOVES this meal! We’ve made it about 5 or 6 times now. The kids clean their plates every time! We have a Ninja Foodie and this recipe works perfectly in it, however we only use half the sauce or it gets too salty. Thank you so much for this lovely meal.

  24. 4 stars
    I used one cup of rice, one cup of low sodium chicken broth, and one pound of skinless, boneless chicken thighs because I was only cooking for 3. It turned out great. No burn notice. The thighs were thoroughly cooked. My biggest critic is my 9 year old son and he approved. I also tossed the broccoli and bell pepper in with the chicken because I was lazy and it turned soft but fine. Next time I make this, I will likely use a thicker teriyaki sauce and make some of the rice separately because I like white rice.

  25. Tried this recipe tonight. Got a burn notice, I think because the rice was at the bottom of the pot. Never added rice on bottom before. If I should try this again the chicken will be on the bottom w/rice on top.

  26. 1 star
    After following the recipe exactly as written 2 times(added a little bit more broth for second time) in a row, my chicken was raw and rice started burning. Ended up trashing the half burnt rice with raw chicken juices. Cubed chicken and cooked in skillet. Cooked more rice in rice cooker. I then added veggies back in with the chicken and warmed up. Eventually finished it. Kids liked it but I was so frustrated that I lost my appetite and went to bed.

  27. I made the rice separately in my rice cooker. I don’t like rice or pasta in the Instantpot. Burn, Burn, Burn. I love this recipe. So fresh and good!!!

  28. Gonna try this recipe tonight! I completely agree with finding your IP niche. I had mine for a year before I found a good use for mine. My favorite thing to make is hard boiled eggs and shredded chicken. If I made only those two things it’d be worth it.

  29. 3 stars
    Chicken came out under done which I thought, ok, maybe I underestimated the thickness. But rice came out under done too and the IP was set for 5 min

  30. You list 2 cups of teriyaki sauce but only account for 1/4 cup over the chicken and then using a few spoonfuls for cooking the veggies? Is this a misprint?

  31. 1 star
    Had to throw the entire dinner in the garbage not only was it disgusting but the chicken was overcooked and rice was complete mush. What a waste of my money and time. Had to give kids a PB toast for dinner.

  32. This recipe did not work for my instant pot. I used Calrose rice and it burned. I stopped the pressure cycle and added more broth and it still burned, so I cut up the chicken and stir fried it until it was done. And made rice on the side

  33. 5 stars
    So delicious!!! It was my first instant pot meal. I loved how easy it was, and tasty. The only change I made was adding a bag of stir fry veggies to the peppers, to bulk up the veggies. Thanks for an awesome recipe.

  34. I am wanting to make this but I have and 8qt. I’m not understanding adjustments for a bigger quart.Could you help me with this. What measurements would I have to change?

  35. Does not work with a 6 qt viva. I only got the burn signal and wasted a pack of chicken which is about 20$. To expensive to risk this to try.

  36. 4 stars
    This is the fourth recipe of yours I have made! I have loved everything so far! I attempted to make this is my 6qt Nova Duo and got the burn notice twice 🙁 Luckily the chicken cooked but I did have to make the rice on the stove. You did warn us about how sensitive the new pots are so I will have to try again and make adjustments with the water to rice ratio.

  37. If you’re thinking about making this recipe I implore you to not do so. I’ve used the instant pot hundreds of times, and have never had a fail this badly. Burn notice 4 times despite repeated attempts at putting more water in. Rice mushy and not fluffy probably due to all the water I had to put in. If anything cook chicken and rice separately. But here I am with nothing to eat. If you’re going to be a food blogging might be a good idea to take several of the comments into serious consideration to update your recipe.

    1. I’m really sorry this happened to you! Did you double check your IP manual for the correct rice to liquid ratios for your pot? I have never had an issue with this recipe in my IP–but there are so many different brands now and the new pots are much more sensitive to the burn notice then the old ones, so it’s hard to diagnose individual problems, when mine works great for this recipe.

  38. I don’t advise using frozen chicken. I’ve made it With thawed and it worked perfectly. I got the overheat warning twice with frozen and had to take out the rice and then cook the chicken alone. I think the rice needs the juice from the chicken to prevent the overheat, and the lump of Frozen chicken Doesn’t thaw fast enough to provide that extra juice.

  39. Can’t you just cook the veges in the IP with the chicken and rice? I feel like so many recipes with the IP make you cook something in something else like the oven or stove. What’s the point of that? I thought the IP was to make it just one thing and done.

    1. It’s a pressure cooker not a one pot recipe maker. I’d advise like the other gal said and sauté veg first in the pot. Then cook Rice and chicken.

    1. Did your rice turn out ok ? Did you do the vegetables separate and if so how did you cook them? Thanks in advance!

    1. Wish I read your response sooner!!! I hate using separate pans to…reduces the point of the sauté function!! Next time I’ll do the same as you but I’m already done half the recipe so it’s to late for me! 🙃

  40. 1 star
    Mine burnt over and over and didn’t cook and my family was starving. I have like faith in this stupid pot, especially with rice!

  41. 3 stars
    Chicken and veggies we’re tasty. I’m not sold on the rice though, it ends up absorbing the sauce and didn’t fluff like regular rice. Personally I wished I had just cooked the rice separate.

  42. 5 stars
    This was really easy and really good! My husband really liked it. The rice and chicken were cooked perfectly and the seasoning was spot on. I used a little curry powder instead of ginger because we dont care much for ginger. Easy weeknight meal that we’ll do again for sure!

  43. If I cook this dish without any meat, will I need to make any adjustments to cooking time or the amount of broth used? Really looking forward to trying this.

  44. Mine kept burning…no matter how much water I added…shame. it smelled good but never cooked. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Same. This was the first recipe I tried in my InstaPot and it did nothing but burn before the countdown even started.

      And I’m a baker…. so it wasn’t ‘forgetting my to add the instructed moisture. Epic fail.

    2. Same over here! I more than doubled the liquids and it burned. Added more, burned. Just not a great recipe for an IP in my opinion.

      1. Next time try spraying the bottom of your instant pot with non-stick cooking spray. You must have a newer (more sensitive) instant pot. I make this for my family all the time and have never gotten the burn notice.

      2. If you have a newer instapot our venting is different. I thought I secured it all the way, but never did and that’s what cause my rice to burn and never really cook. Happened to me for my first dinner I made ( not this a different one). After I found out I never secured the vent all the way, I dried this the next night and it didn’t burn. No issues

  45. We used our house sitting’s IP to try out and help us decide whether we should get one for ourselves so this was our first recipe. Didn’t have all the ingredients ready to use so improvised (love riffing). Used sweet soy and spicy soy sauce instead of teriyaki to add a nice kick to flavor. Also added culantro along with green onions after all was cooked giving it a wonderfully fresh flavor and it was absolutely phenomenal. I would even add peanuts, sautéed separately of course, and add along with onions and culantro. Trust me, it’s unbelievably good! We are sold on the IP.

  46. 5 stars
    This is really good! I used white long grain rice and added some fresh garlic to the sauted veggies. My chicken breasts were thick and partially frozen still but 6 min on high pressure with the 10 min natural release was just right. Thanks for the recipe!

      1. I used the Basmati, but my rice wasn’t fluffy yet mushy. Too much water? Recipe is awesome, and even sticky rice made this an amazing dinner! Thank you!

  47. 5 stars
    This was so yummy! I am still getting to know my InstantPot. This was such an easy and tasty meal. I did add carrots and celery to the vegetables but otherwise followed the recipe word for word. Thank you. This will be a staple in our house!! P.S. My husband loved it!!!

  48. 5 stars
    this is amazing!! we loved it, thank you. I added the teriyaki sauce after cooking, to suite our taste and was also very good. the chicken cooked perfectly, moist and tender. the rice was firm and cooked through, not mushy at all. excellent recipe. May I post a your recipe and link to your page?

  49. 5 stars
    I used brown rice and frozen chicken breast cooked 22 min and 10 min slow release. I also increased the broth by 50%. It came out perfect and so good. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Be sure to rinse it really well, until the water runs clear. When it’s done cooking, gently fluff it with a fork and then allow it to rest again for a few minutes.

  50. 5 stars
    Delicious recipe! Just got my 8 quart IP and this was the first recipe I tried. I used 2 cups of chicken stock instead of 1.5 and it turned out perfect.
    Highly recommend!

    1. We like to use cauliflower rice instead of regular rice, so I’d like to cook that separately. How much liquid would you cut out to make that adjustment?

      This recipe sounds delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

      1. If it’s only the chicken in the pot then you only need the minimum liquid for your instant pot). It might be more convenient to just pan fry the chicken at that point…

  51. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious!! I only had chicken thighs bone in…set them on top and cooked… took them out and deboned them, tossed them in a little teriyaki sauce and added back in!! A previous person wrote it was too salty…I would bet it was the type of teriyaki sauce used as you really don’t add salt otherwise. I used Veri Veri Terriyaki by Soy Vay. (Yes…it’s spelled that way on the jar.) I added regular union to the veggies and used red and yellow peppers…you could use ANY veggies!! My veggie hating kids loved it and ate the veggies too!!!

  52. 5 stars
    I used chicken breasts, frozen veggies, & brown rice cooked for 20 minutes. I tossed the veggies and sautéed them in teriyaki sauce and did the same to the chicken (tossed in sauce not sautéed.)

    It’s AMAZING!!! It’s on my must have list.

  53. Can I make this recipe and then freeze it? If so, would I just put in pot on Simmer until it is heated up?
    I’m trying to prep before baby gets here and we have two under two!
    Thank you!

    1. I haven’t tried freezing it but I think it would work fine! I’d let it thaw overnight in the fridge and then just warm each serving in the microwave, covered with a damp paper towel.

      1. Thanks! I will let you know how it turns out In a couple months! We love this recipe and are looking for ways to save time when our baby arrives in July!

  54. How would this recipe change if I didn’t use rice but a bunch of the veggies instead? My kids will not touch rice!

    1. Hi Rachel, I would suggest cooking it without the rice, but cooking the vegetables separately. Pressure cooked veggies get really mushy and soft. If you don’t add the rice you can lower the liquid to 1 cup.

  55. Looks like a tasty recipe. But, the Nutritional Facts list Sodium at 4516mg and 188% Daily Value. That’s a ton of sodium! Is that a typo or is there really that much sodium in this recipe? If so, where is coming from? Low-sodium chicken broth? Teriyaki Sauce?

    1. That’s definitely a typo, thanks for pointing it out. I am currently investigating why it’s reflecting such a large amount.

      1. The cooking time should still be the same, it will just take the pot longer to come to pressure. If the breasts are really large and you’re worried about them cooking all the way through you could cut them up or add a minute or 2 to the cook time.

  56. 5 stars
    This is one of my go-to recipes. My entire family loves it and it fits perfectly within my husband’s weight-loss diet.
    It’s even easier if you prep your veggies in advance, just toss and go. I usually double the amount if vegetables. Mostly because we like to fill up on them, and they are SOOO good!
    My only issue is, even after adding more chicken broth, the very bottom of my rice still browns. Anyone have a solution to this?

    1. Hi Jen, make sure you rinse the rice really well, and next time you can spray the bottom of the pot well with non-stick cooking spray. That will help. 🙂

  57. I am not usually a teriyaki fan, however this turned out great.
    I used a marinade/sauce and found this not over powering.

    The Jasmine rice was a bit over done but was still good everyone loved it and had seconds (teenagers included) will be adding this to our monthly meals.

    Tyvm for sharing.

  58. Hello,

    Can you tell me what the serving size is for this meal? I see there are 5 servings, so I’m guessing it’s about 1 cup per serving?


  59. 5 stars
    I was very skeptical that both the rice AND chicken would cook well at the same time and I was so pleasantly surprised!!! The rice and chicken were perfect (I used two chicken breasts that were on the thick side and cooked it for 6 minutes). A very delicious, easy meal I’ll definitely be adding to my rotation!

  60. Can I throw the vegetables into the instant pot with the chicken and rice?
    Also, do you know the cooking time if I use boneless chicken thighs instead of smaller pieces?

    1. Hi Kim, the thighs will take about 10 minutes at high pressure (with a 10 min natural release). I wouldn’t suggest adding the veggies because they will get really soft and soggy while pressure cooking.

  61. 5 stars
    Just used my instant pot for the first with this recipe….so good and easy! I did use some different ingredients but this did turn out great. I only used about 1/2 cup of sauce though. Will definitely recommend this recipe and make often.

  62. 1 star
    I used frozen chick tenders. Did not work according to plan. After 10 minuttes rice was cooked, chicken was still frozen. Had to cook it again and it wa sbasically mush. Would not recommend with frozen chicken and probably won’t try it again.

  63. 5 stars
    I absolutely love this! I am making it now for the third time and it always provides a few days worth of leftovers for me to enjoy as well. I do a few tweaks – the main one being buying a bag of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots that I can be lazy and microwave (the main reason I got the instant pot was to do less dishes). I also add a bit of szechuan spicy sauce to the teriyaki to give it a bit of a kick. I don’t have a set amount – really just to taste. The last tweak is that after I cut up the chicken, I’ll put it back in the pot, add the veggies, and then I’ll pour more of the teriyaki and szechuan sauce to all of it together and stir it up really well. So far it has turned out great each time!

  64. Made this with Costco rotisserie chicken and white rice. I used 2 cups low sodium chicken broth. Next time will saute cabbage with the onions, red and yellow peppers and brocolli. I also sauted mushrooms separately in butter and added them.
    Made a wonderful meal.

  65. Do you have a similar recipe for the crockpot as well? I know that you have one for your taco soup recipe and I believe also for your chicken taco bowls, both of which were excellent BTW.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t for this one–I’ve not had much success cooking rice in the slow cooker.

  66. I don’t understand what I did wrong. I just bought an Insigna Insta pot, I followed the recipe. My rice cooked BUT the teriyaki sauce was SOOO overbearing the rice was not able to be flaked it’s kind of like mush. I just realized I used a teriyaki marinade and not a teriyaki sauce…that’s probably why

  67. 1 star
    I accidentally gave this recipe a star. It is actually a no-star recipe. I followed the recipe to the letter but the end result was awful. The rice was gummy and tasteless the chicken was dry and tasteless too. The only thing that turned out reasonable well all was the vegetables cooked on the stove top. Live and learn. Never again.

    1. I’m sorry you didn’t like it. I’m curious if you washed your rice until the water ran clear? And did you season the chicken well (step 4)? I could imagine it not cooking properly if your instant pot was different, but gummy and tasteless isn’t how I’d ever want this recipe classified, especially if the directions were properly followed…

  68. 5 stars
    I’ve made this a few times and it’s delicious, substituted General Tso sauce one time and worked great also.

    Only problem I’ve had is the rice always seems to come out sticky (using white rice), am I just not rinsing it long enough or something else?

    Also if I were to use chicken thighs would I have to adjust the cooking time?

    Great recipe though, it’s great for an easy meal and a few days of leftovers for work.

    1. Yes, I would rinse the rice really well! And you can use chicken thighs, just cook for 10 minutes high pressure with a 10 minute natural release.

  69. 5 stars
    I made this in an 8 quart pot and it turned out perfectly. I used jasmine rice and vegetable broth (almost 2cups). For the vegetables, I used a red bell pepper, baby portable as and sugar snap peas. Excellent!!

  70. The newer instapots do not seem to like rice. We tried this recipe and had to clean the pot twice and dump everything out. Just to bake the chicken and steam the rice the old way. Avoid the rice issue and find another recipe for just chicken and veggies in a teriyaki sauce. Rice is almost a guarantee burn in the new spots. Twice the work to use the instapot in this type of recipe.

    1. I think that should work fine, but I believe farro needs a 2:1 ratio of water to grain, so increase the amount of chicken broth. Cook for 10 minutes high pressure with a natural pressure release.

  71. 5 stars
    I will definitely make this recipe again. I cut my chicken into bite size pieces before I added it to the rice. So quick and simple.

  72. 5 stars
    Followed your directions and used an 8qt Instant Pot and it came out PERFECT! Used low sodium broth and soy sauce. Sauted the veggis while waiting for pressure to release. Super excited for my lunch leftovers today. This one is a winner for sure. THANK YOU!

  73. What if I just want to cook the meat? (And used rice already cooked). This sounds delicious. Would just like to know the tweak. Thanks!

  74. 5 stars
    I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and my 8 year old daughter saw this recipe, and begged me to try it. We LOVE it! She asks for it often!

  75. I made this recipe but the rice did not cook and decided after reading other posts to cook the rice on the stove since some seem to have had the burn signal trigger. Also, in this recipe my chicken was slightly over done. Last one pot recipe I cooked called for 8 min with one cup of chicken broth and the breast turned out perfect. The teriyaki vegies turned out delicious! Will have to work on the rice timing and liquid. As a side note, I have learned via posts that different pressure cookers may return different results. So a few tweaks and voila!

    1. I haven’t tried that type of noodle in the IP so I couldn’t say how to adjust the liquid and cook time. I’d love to hear if you try it!

  76. Hi I used Basmati and added extra 1/2 cup chicken broth-cooked for 6 minutes- rice turned out mushy- what do you think went wrong? I have the 8quart instant pot

    1. Hi Tammy, basmati rice only needs a 1:1 ratio of rice and liquid to cook in the instant pot. Sounds like you added too much broth. Sorry! Hope you get to try it again,

  77. 5 stars
    I made this as my first ever, instant pot meal. It was awesome. I did it a little different, as I wanted everything in the pot to cook at the same time. I used sticky rice on the bottom, one large diced chicken breast on top, 1 1/2 cups chicken broth, then I poured half the terriyaki sauce over the chicken….but, I added fresh carrotts, cauliflower, broccoli and green peppers on top of the chicken and added the rest of the sauce on top of that. I cooked as per cooking time and release times, it was very good. My rice was perfect, the chicken was cooked but my veggies were a little crisper than I’d like so next time, I will cut them a bit smaller (thumb size). I had no problems at all. Thank You for sharing your recipe!

  78. 5 stars
    Made this tonight and it was delicious. I doubled the batch because I have a home of 7. I also substituted the rice for quinoa (used 1 cup quinoa to 1 1/2 cups of liquid) and it was perfect. This is a keeper for our family. Quick and easy just like I like it. Thank you for sharing!

  79. 1 star
    This recipe needs OIL in the hot pot. THAT is why it is burning….. I just gave up and cooked the chicken separately and made the rice and vegetables separately. This recipe doesn’t work

  80. 5 stars
    This is one of my favorite IP meals ever! It comes out perfect every time. I do season and sear the chicken for 2½-3 mins before starting the recipe.

    Fantastic recipe – thanks so much for sharing!!!

  81. 4 stars
    My IP continually shows the burn message. What am I doing wrong? This sounded really good but again I’m getting the burn code.

    1. Hi Chris, did you see my note about the newer IP and how IP size can effect a recipe? I’d suggest reading the link I shared–what type of IP do you have?

  82. What type of teriyaki sauce do you use? I used thick maranade and got a burn notice and I think that might be why. Did you use the thinner, watery kind?

  83. I don’t know what I am doing wrong but my rice totally stuck to the bottom. I had to add WAY MORE water to get the rice to cook completely and was never able to bring it to pressure because of the burnt on rice. ?

    1. I’m so sorry–I’m guessing you have a newer instant pot…did you see my disclaimer in the post? I developed and tested this recipe for use in the 6-QUART INSTANT POT DUO. If you’re using a larger IP or new IP you may need to add more liquid so that you don’t get a burn notice.. The new pots are way more sensitive and not all instant pot recipes work perfectly for all types of instant pots. See this article for more information on adapting recipes for your instant pot:

  84. 4 stars
    The recipe is fine. I want to know if everyone was able to cook the entire dish in 25 minutes? That’s all I had budgeted but it took waaaaay longer. I am newer to the IP and I thought, besides faster cooking, the whole point was to only use one pot. So it didn’t make sense to me that you have to cook the veggies separately on the stove. Do you have any one pot recipes?
    Thank you!

  85. 3 stars
    Did everything to a T and the instant pot still burned the rice. Double the broccoli and add onion would be better next time. And maybe add more chicken broth so it doesnt burn. Now the fun begins cleaning out the burned rice.

  86. 4 stars
    Making this tonight, my instant pot flashed burn on me so I turned it off and put it on the rice setting. We shall see how this turns out! First meal made in mine

    1. I’m sorry, is it a newer instant pot model? The newer ones are much more sensitive then my 6qt Duo which this recipe was developed and tested.

  87. 5 stars
    I made this teriyaki chicken IP dish tonight and we loved it. Can’t see the nutrition information tho. Where is it?
    Great recipe and easy to make!

  88. Is there anyway to omit the teriyaki sauce during cooking? My husband cant have it but I would like to add to my portion after cooking

  89. I made this and I also got the burn notice! I’m going to try again this weekend and see what happens, but my boyfriend and I did some research and here is where I think we went wrong:
    – you need to make sure you are THOROUGHLY ringing the rice. Any starch will burn on the bottom! Didn’t realize it was such an important step and sort of half-arsed it.
    – we used thick teriyaki sauce, not the thin watery kind you can also get. We also used a bit too much and I think it’s possible it traveled to the bottom and scorched (at least that’s what it looked like)

    If this doesn’t solve the problem then I’m not sure where I went wrong. We are also using a 6 quart duo so hopefully some fine tuning will provide better results (:

  90. 4 stars
    I tried putting frozen broccoli on top at the beginning thinking it would all steam together, it turned into quite a mess. The rice turned to mush and burned, I got the “burn” warning from the IP and it never came to pressure. Just in case you’re considering doing this, don’t ?. I will try this again someday after I finish scraping the yuck out of my instant pot.

  91. 4 stars
    Made it this evening, very good. Would probably opt for reduced sodium teriyaki or reduce the teriyaki some. Will make again. Thanks for sharing.

  92. 3 stars
    I was excited about this recipe, but it ended up not working for me. Before it even came all the way to pressure I got the burn signal and had to take it all out and cook the chicken on the stove. I had put the 1.5 cups of water in with the rice, put the chicken on top, and added a generous amount of teriyaki sauce. My chicken was frozen, so I added another 10 minutes to the cook time. I’m thinking maybe it just took too long to come to pressure with that frozen chicken in there? My teriyaki sauce was pretty thick sauce also so maybe the pot just didn’t feel like it had enough water. Maybe I will try again but if you have any advice let me know! 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry–I’m guessing you have a newer instant pot?…did you see my disclaimer in the post? I developed and tested this recipe for use in the 6-QUART INSTANT POT DUO. If you’re using a larger IP or new IP you may need to add more liquid so that you don’t get a burn notice.. The new pots are way more sensitive and not all instant pot recipes work perfectly for all types of instant pots. See this article for more information on adapting recipes for your instant pot:

  93. 5 stars
    I made it today and whole time I was wondering how its gonna be. OMG! it was Super duper hit. Loved it. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

  94. 4 stars
    I am new to the IP world. This was my 2nd recipe to try – with mixed reviews. I have a 4qt and followed the recipe as is.
    – chicken, I accidently cut into pieces first and I thought it was a bit dry but the 2 others didn’t
    – rice, was over cooked and mushy. I used Basmati (my fav).
    – I ended up using a lot more teriyaki sauce than what was called for

    Would like to know what I did wrong.
    The flavour was really good and I will being making it again, even if I have to cook the rice separate.
    Thank you for sharing.

  95. I tried making this tonight and my instant pot wouldn’t start the pressure cooking because it kept having the “burn” error; it ruined my dinner ?I followed directions exactly not understanding what I could’ve done wrong

    1. Hi Leah,
      I’m so sorry for your frustration! The problem may be that your instant pot is not compatible with this recipe. I used a DUO 60- 6 quart instant pot. Check out this resource for more info on adapting recipes for different instant pots.

    1. I haven’t experimented with a 3qt IP, but I think you want to have at least 1 cup liquid in the pot…I would use 1 cup liquid and 1 cup rice.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I’m so sorry for your frustration! The problem may be that your instant pot is not compatible with this recipe. I used a DUO 60- 6 quart instant pot. Check out this resource for more info on adapting recipes for different instant pots.

  96. I am one of those individuals that is not liking my IP. I tried the recipe and I got the burn light. Which seems to be for everything that I try. Maybe I needed to put more water or maybe the teriyaki sauce fell to the bottom. All I have is a lot of rice burnt to the bottom. Any suggestions would be helpful because I hear how great people love it and I want to love it too!

    1. I’m so sorry for your frustration! The problem may be that your instant pot is not compatible with this recipe. I used a DUO 60- 6 quart instant pot. Check out this resource for more info on adapting recipes for different instant pots.

  97. 3 stars
    I used frozen chicken and did it for 10 minutes (per the instructions). The burn signal came on and the rice overcooked and scorched the bottom of the pot. Maybe I should’ve added more liquid? Definitely using fresh chicken next time. Frozen is a disaster 🙁

    1. Hi Alissa,
      Frozen chicken will affect the recipe. Also, your instant pot may not be compatible with this recipe. I used a DUO 60- 6 quart instant pot. Check out this resource for more help!

  98. I just got an IP and this was going to be my first try at IP dinner and I did something wrong… I have a 6 qt and I followed the directions step by step. I was not sure what “manual” meant, so I googled it. From what I could read, the manual button and pressure cook were the same. I did 4 minutes, high pressure and nothing was cooked when I opened it. What went wrong????

    1. Hi Lisa, I’m sorry–did you have the sealing vent closed? This recipe cooks on High pressure for 4 minutes, and then let the pot rest (called a natural release) for 10 minutes before opening the lid. If you cooked everything on high pressure with a sealed vent it should cook perfectly.

    2. This happened to me too!! So confused! Ended up cooking it again for 8 more minutes + another 10 minute natural release. It was all cooked through after that. The rice was a little burned, but I just stirred it all up and it was still really good!

  99. This looks great, can’t wait to make it! Question though…do you think the veggies could be cooked in the Instant Pot along with everything else?

    1. That’s what I did on my first round of testing, but the veggies were really soft and mushy. If you don’t mind them that way, than feel free to add them 🙂

  100. 4 stars
    The recipe is delicious, thank you. If I wanted to double the rice portion only would I double the liquid? My family loves rice

    1. Thanks Yvonne. Always use a 1:1 ratio for white rice in the instant pot (so if you want to cook 3 cups of dry rice, you need 3 cups of water).

  101. This looks great, i’m going to try it tonight!

    One quick question tho, we prefer chicken thighs. Is there a time adjustment for using thighs vs breast? Everything else will be kept the same.


  102. **NOTE: This is my very first time using the instant pot.** When I put the rice, chicken and liquid into the instant pot after the pot did it’s preheating it quickly said burn. My pot’s directions say a minimum of 2 cups of liquid for all recipes but it sounds like no one else had any problems. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

      1. Hi,
        This looked so good but I got the burn message. I followed the directions exactly but it burned before it even came to pressure. I couldn’t salvage it. I have a 6 qt pot. I’d like to try again. Any suggestions?

        1. Hi Nicole,
          I’m so sorry for your frustration! The problem may be that your instant pot is not compatible with this recipe. I used a DUO 60- 6 quart instant pot. Check out this resource for more info on adapting recipes for different instant pots.

          1. This happened to me too!!!! Didn’t even come to pressure. I have a 6qt as well…. I currently have it on the stove with more water…. really hoping I can salvage it!!

      2. I tried this last night and had the same result. This was the first time I got the burn notification. I had to throw it all away.

        1. I’m so sorry–I’m guessing you have a newer instant pot…did you see my disclaimer in the post? I developed and tested this recipe for use in the 6-QUART INSTANT POT DUO. If you’re using a larger IP or new IP you may need to add more liquid so that you don’t get a burn notice.. The new pots are way more sensitive and not all instant pot recipes work perfectly for all types of instant pots. See this article for more information on adapting recipes for your instant pot:

    1. Yay, another IP newbie! This will be my second time using mine. First time I made butter chicken and kept getting the burn notice. Afterward, I read something that said you should always have a minimum of 1 c liquid in your IP.
      Going to try this tonight and see how it goes.

  103. 5 stars
    Made this tonight and it was soooo good! Pinning it to make again. Only thing we noticed is that it likely feeds closer to 4 people. If that’s all you’re eating for dinner you might want to consider making more.

    1. Hi Sandie, You can’t really add the rice in the middle of cooking–that would take a really long time to release pressure, and then bring the pot back to pressure (at that point it would be faster to cook everything on the stove).
      Depending on how thick your chicken breast is I would try and chop the frozen chicken into smaller pieces so it will cook faster, maybe around 8 minutes high pressure.

  104. If I’m adding brown rice + chicken thighs .. do I want boneless or does it matter?

    I often go for breast(easy button) but I’m coming around to the additional flavor bone-in provides.

    1. Sounds delicious! Either one should work (bone-in or boneless), but be sure to adjust your cook time and liquid for brown rice.

  105. I do not eat rice so I typically cook it separately in a rice cooker for the family. How would that affect the time? I am new to the IP and not yet brave enough to venture on my own. Thankyou!

    1. Yes, it does. It takes about 20 minutes, so I would consider cooking the chicken separately or it will be overcooked. (or use chicken thighs)

  106. I want to cook this tonight. Would it be OK to cut the chicken in bite size pieces before cooking for 4 minutes?
    Thank you,

  107. Where do I find the resize for the teriyaki sauce or do I buy any at the store it doesn’t say??? I was going to make it here very soon!??? Need to know ASAP!! HELP

  108. Hi, I don’t eat grain so can I just leave out the rice and if so would I need to adjust the cooking time?

  109. 5 stars
    LOVE this recipe!! I’ve made this about 4 times for my family in the last 2 months – they LOVE it!! Super easy and yummy!!

  110. I found your recipe very good and tasty. However, I have one question. I’m very confused about the teriyaki sauce. The ingredients say 2 cups divided. Other than the 1/4 c. that goes over the the breast and the bit sprinkled in the bowl before serving, what do you do with the rest of the sauce? There’s no mention of it in the instructions. I didn’t know whether to put all of the 2 cups in recipe. Please let me know what to do so I can make it again. If there’s a mistake on my part, I apologize. Thank you.

    1. Not a fan of directions saying 2cup of teriyaki sauce but not using it. Most of the time I measure everything out first to cook, this wasted a lot of sauce for me. Boo

  111. I feel surprised at one chicken breast for 5 servings. Have you cooked more than that for this recipe?

    1. Hi Amy, you could definitely add more chicken breasts and it shouldn’t change the cook time at all. If you’re worried about the chicken not cooking long enough you could always cut it into pieces.