A slow roasted Prime Rib recipe with step by step instructions and tips for how to slow roast a boneless or bone-in prime rib roast. This herb and garlic crusted prime rib is unbelievably easy to make and is sure to “WOW” your dinner guests!

A 5 pound prime rib roast served on a white platter with fresh herbs underneath, with a few slices carved and laying on the platter.

Cooking prime rib can seem intimidating, especially since it is so expensive and you don’t want to ruin it, but it is actually really simple!  This easy prime rib recipe has simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions that will allow even the most novice cook to have success!  Let’s start with the basics:

About the Price:

This section of beef is so tender and delicious that is comes at a cost.  Most local grocery stores carry choice grade prime rib for between $10.99 to $11.99 per pound. I’ve found Costco to have the lowest prices for the best quality.  They even sometimes carry prime grade meat.

Prime Rib is expensive, but just like most things, it’s much cheaper to serve at a dinner party at your house then to buy for everyone at a restaurant!

How much do you need?

Prime rib roast is also referred to as standing rib roast and it is the cut of meat that is taken from the back of the upper ribs of the cow.  This prime rib section typically makes up about 7 ribs.  You don’t have to buy the whole section, just specify to your butcher how many pounds you would like.

The rule of thumb for buying prime rib is to buy one pound per person.  A bone-in standing rib roast will feed about 2 people per bone. Also, be sure to consider how many side dishes you plan to serve.  If you are preparing a large holiday meal with plenty of other food you could plan on ½ – ¾ pound prime rib per person.

A standing rib roast tied with kitchen string, resting on a marble board.

Bone-in or boneless Prime Rib:

You can choose to buy your prime rib bone-in or boneless.  Many chef’s would say that bone-in ribs are more flavorful and cook better. I typically buy bone-in but I’ve cooked a boneless prime rib from Costco and honestly couldn’t really tell a difference

If you buy a bone-in prime rib you should ask the butcher to cut the bone off and tie it to the roast for you.  My local butcher does this without asking, but ask them just in case. This way you can cook the bones with the meat: they make a nice rack for the meat to sit on, but then you can easily remove them before carving the roast.

If you decide to buy a boneless prime rib you will want to set it on a rack to roast. I’ve had success using the wire rack from my instant pot set on top of my cast iron skillet.

Cook time and Temperature:

The length of time you decide to cook your prime rib depends on how rare you want your meat.

Start by cooking your prime rib at 500°F for 15 minutes and then lower the oven temperature to 325° F and cook for 10-12 min per pound for rare prime rib, or 13-14 min per pound for medium rare prime rib, or 14-15 min per pound for medium well prime rib.

A meat thermometer is essential to ensure you cook it perfectly!

A fully cooked standing rib roast (prime rib) in a cast iron skillet.

Roast your prime rib until the thermometer registers:

  • 115-120˚F for rare
  • 125-130˚F for medium rare
  • 135-140° F for medium
  • 145-150 F° for medium well

Please keep in mind that the meat temperature will continue to rise 5-10 degrees when it’s resting out of the oven, so don’t over cook it! 

How to make Prime Rib:

1. Let it rest.  Remove your prime rib from the refrigerator about 1 hour before cooking to give it time to come to room temperature. Season it with a little bit of salt and cover it lightly with plastic wrap while is rests.

2. Prepare herb rub.  Combine the salt, pepper, fresh thyme, rosemary, garlic and olive oil and rub it all over the outside of the roast. Place a bone-in roast with the bones down, in a cast iron, roasting, or other oven safe pan. Place a boneless rib roast on top of a rack, and then in your pan.

A small glass bowl with ingredients for seasoning prime rib next to another photo of a bone-in prime rib roast inside a cast iron skillet with the seasoning on top.

3. Cook the boneless or bone-in prime rib at 500 degrees for 15 minutes and then reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees and continue cooking until the meat is 5-10 degrees away from the desired doneness temperature (see cooking temperature guidelines above or below in the recipe card).

4. Allow time to rest.  Remove the prime rib from the oven and and tent the entire roast with foil. Allow it to rest for 30 minutes–It will continue to cook the extra 5-10 degrees. Resting the meat is essential as it allows the juices to seal back into the meat. If you cut the meat too soon, the juices will run out and you will be left with a chewy prime rib roast.

5. Carve and Serve.  Spoon some of the extra sauce from the pan over the roast, if desired, or use it to make gravy. Cut the kitchen string holding the roast to the bones (if using a bone-in roast) and remove the bones before carving.

A seasoned and cooked prime rib in a cast iron pan with a spoon pouring the dippings over it, next to another photo of the prime rib removed from the pan, leaving the bones behind in the skillet.

Tips for perfect prime rib:

  • Use a meat thermometer! You can use a probe that stays inside the meat the entire time it cooks or you can use a simple instant read meat thermometer.  Either way, remember that each slice of meat is different and each oven is different.  Don’t take the chance of ruining such an expensive piece of meat.
  • Don’t over-cook!   The meat will continue to cook once it’s taken out of the oven (your thermometer will continue to rise 5-10 degrees) so err on the side of taking your prime rib out early. If you take it out and it seems under-cooked, you can always cook it a little longer.

Prime rib roast carved into ½ inch thick slices.

  • Let it REST! As with most meat, you want to let it rest after cooking to allow the juices to settle in the meat, making it juicier and more tender. If you cut into your prime rib without letting it rest, the juices will rush out and the meat will be chewy.
  • Cut meat across the grain.  That means, notice the directional lines in the meat grain and slice perpendicular to them. If you cut along the grain then the meat will be tougher and chewier to eat.

A slice of prime rib served on a white plate with horseradish sauce, mashed potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts.

Perfect Sides for Prime Rib:

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A 5 pound prime rib roast served on a white platter with fresh herbs underneath, with a few slices carved and laying on the platter.
Prep 10 minutes
Cook 1 hour 45 minutes
Resting Time 1 hour
Total 1 hour 55 minutes
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  • 5 pounds beef prime rib (or larger* if larger, double the spices/seasonings)
  • Sea salt
  • 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons fresh rosemary
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme
  • 8 cloves garlic , minced
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • horseradish , for serving (optional)


  • Remove your prime rib from the refrigerator one hour before cooking. Season it on all sides with salt and cover it loosely with plastic wrap as it comes to room temperature. Prime rib roast will cook better and more evenly when it’s at room temperature. 
  • When you are ready to cook the prime rib, lower/adjust your oven rack so the meat will cook in the center of the oven. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees F.
  • In the meantime, mix together 1 ½ teaspoons salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, garlic, and olive oil.
  • Pat the roast with paper towels. Spoon seasoning over it, rubbing it onto all sides.  Place bone-in roast with the bones down, inside a roasting pan cast iron pan. Place a boneless roast on a rack inside the pan.
  • Bake prime rib at 500 degrees for 15 minutes, then reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees and continue baking until desired doneness: 
    Rare: cook until thermometer reaches 120 degrees F (about 10-12 min/pound)
    Medium rare: Cook until thermometer reaches 130 degrees F (about 13-14 min/pound)
    Medium: Cook until thermometer reaches 140 degrees F (about 14-15 min/pound)
    Medium well – Cook until thermometer reaches 150 degrees F
  • A couple of things to keep in mind:
    - A meat thermometer is essential to ensure it cooks to your perfect doneness. Not all roasts or ovens are the same! 
    - Also, the meat will continue to cook once it’s taken out of the oven (your thermometer will continue to rise 5-10 degrees) so remove it from the oven 5-10 degrees before it reaches your optimal temperature. 
  • - Remove it from the oven and tent it with foil. Allow it to rest for 30 minutes before carving.
  • Carve your roast by slicing against the grain at about ½ inch thickness. Serve with horseradish, if desired.


Calories: 761kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 31gFat: 69gSaturated Fat: 26gCholesterol: 137mgSodium: 101mgPotassium: 523mgVitamin A: 10IUVitamin C: 1.4mgCalcium: 26mgIron: 3.4mg

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  1. 5 stars
    In the oven now..this is my 2nd time making this and I assure you this is the easiest, best way to make melt in your mouth prime rib. The smell already is amazing. I can’t wait until this is done.

    1. 5 stars
      This recipe is a keeper and my Prime rib was SUPERB again! Just kept an eye on it and watched the meat thermometer and it was a hit like normal. Thank you!

  2. Yes indeed I made this most scrumptious Prime rib roast beef and the skillet cornbread. My socks flew off with excitement and my taste buds were doing the swing dance, like fireworks before July 4!!!!!
    The best beef I’ve ever cooked. The cornbread had just the right amount of crunch edges.
    While looking for a recipe for the prime rib I came across your recipes and will be trying other’s. Thank you

  3. 5 stars
    Simple, and delicious. Invest in a meat thermometer, and you can’t go wrong. The herb crust was perfect!

  4. 5 stars
    I’ve never made Prime Rib before so I was a bit nervous.
    It was absolutely perfect and delicious. Thank you for a great easy recipe!

  5. I followed this recipe exactly. I would caution that the first 15 minutes at 500F, produce a considerable amount of smoke. My wife expected it, but I was surprised. So, the next time I would use a higher smoke point oil like avocado oil bring the initial temperature down.

  6. 5 stars
    I’ve tried other ways which I liked too but wanted to try this recipe for a change.
    It was straightforward, simple to do and worked out well for us. The only thing we did different was use herbs de Provence in step 3, which was even easier.

  7. 5 stars
    I have never done a rib roast before ~ and you were right very nervous to ruin it because of the price!! But followed your step by step and watched the video ~ could not be happier ~ it turned out magic ~ thanks (from the people who ate it lol)

  8. 5 stars
    Oh my goodness. I usually grill my Prime Rib but was forced indoors to cook. Love the rub! If this is your first time cooking a Prime Rib follow directions as if you overcook its just not the same.

  9. 5 stars
    Cooked perfectly. Took roast out when center measured 125 for medium rare. Will use again. For reference I had a 9.5 pound bone-in roast.

  10. I’m going to be cooking a very small ribeye roast for two. Do I follow the same searing and baking times and temps for this size roast?

    Thank you.

  11. 5 stars
    Simple but excellent outcome. I did a 10 lb prime rib bought from Costco and double the qty in the 5 lb recipe. Took it out of oven at 124F and rested and covered with alum foil. I was afraid how it might turn out because my guests arrived about 3 hr later. It was still moist and tender at medium rare and everybody says wow. Even our picky eater son said “dad well done”. Thank you for the recipe.

  12. 5 stars
    Love the recipe and our prime rib turned out fantastic. I bought a boneless. It was the last minute thing that I was craving during the holidays. It was hard finding one. The recipe was easy to follow and was delicious. Since it was boneless I had to watch for it, I didn’t want it to overcooked. Will have to keep this recipe for later. Thank you.

  13. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious! I made this for Christmas dinner yesterday, and it came out perfectly. This will be my new go-to recipe for special occasions.

  14. This recipe was amazing! Followed it to the T for a 7.5# roast for Christmas Day and it came out perfectly medium rare with the time structure given! Thank you Lauren!

  15. 5 stars
    Our bone in prime rib roast was 13 lbs. and we followed the instructions (500 for 15 min and 325 for the remaining time) but used our MEATER thermometer and took it out when is reached 125. Let it rest for 30 min and it was a perfect medium rare. When carving the bones just lifted away from the roast ..no cutting necessary..the flavor from the seasoning was perfect! Will definitely use this recipe every year!

  16. 5 stars
    I used this recipe TODAY. This was the first time I’ve actually cooked a prime rib. It was Excellent!!! Great recipe & tips especially with what “not to do” while attempting to cook prime rib

  17. Great recipe I stuffed my prime rib. I will use thermometer more frequently next time. Pulled it out at 123 instead of 115 so for everyone else check your temperature frequently thanks Tracy

  18. 5 stars
    This recipe is amazing! The only thing I would do different is add even more seasoning on the outside because it was that amazing! The meat cooked absolutely perfect.

  19. 5 stars
    First time prime rib was a hit! Cooking time and seasoning was spot on. 9.34 lb roast with the bones tied back on 15 minutes at 500 degrees and 2 hours at 325 degrees. Definitely a keeper! Thank you so much!

  20. 5 stars
    I’ve been using this prime rib recipe for years. It’s super easy and flavorful. Its my family’s favorite ❤️

  21. Every time I make one of these types of recipes that has you put the herbs on and then crank the heat to 500, I always end up with absolutely charcoaled herbs on top. It’s not just this recipe, it happens to me all the time. I’m thinking I’m either going to put the herbs on after the sear period, or just cook from 325 and forgo the sear period. Any suggestions? It was very good by the way, but it would be even better without the charcoal bits.

    1. I wonder if the problem is your oven. Maybe check the internal temperature? I just made this recipe last night and charring wasn’t an issue. You could also try lowering the rack.

  22. 5 stars
    I have been using the recipe from the joy of cooking for years. It was great but this recipe makes everything perfectly clear and completely easy. When you are already overwhelmed with your tasks 😣….that makes all of the difference!

  23. 1 star
    325 was apparently way to hot for too long. I followed the directions per pound double checking my math. I pulled out the meat to check the temp an hour before your directions and it was already over cooked.

    1. That’s really too bad and I’m sorry that happened to you. I would HIGHLY recommend that you get your oven calibrated as it sounds like it’s running hot.

  24. This was absolutely amazing! Cooked this prime rib roast last night for our Christmas Eve dinner, and it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

  25. 5 stars
    After reading all of (your) her comments and instructions I tried this recipe, following the instructions exactly, and it came out better than any rib roast I have made. Thank you!

  26. 5 stars
    Our first time trying this recipe and it was fool proof! The flavors on the rub were delicious and made good drippings to add to our gravy. We had a 4.8lb bone in prime rib and cook time from start to finish was a little over 2 hours (cooked to medium).

  27. 5 stars
    Made it yesterday for Xmas Eve and it was cooked perfectly!! It sat for longer than 30 minutes because Xmas Eve but it only made it better!!

    1. 5 stars
      Holy moly, was this ever good! I am so glad I invested in a leave in thermometer, because my oven definitely runs a little cooler than others, so took a tad longer to cook a 5 lb bone in roast than what was recommended in the recipe. I also could’ve have taken it out at 120 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 125 and let it cook the rest of the way to 130, as it was more on the medium side than medium rare once it finished resting for the 30 or so minutes. Still came out super juicy though, so not complaining.

      Served with a side of Parmesan mashed potatoes and coleslaw, as well as some Beer Chipotle Grainy Mustard. Yum!! Will definitely be making this again!!

  28. 5 stars
    I made this for the first time tonight and it did not disappoint! I’ve never made prime rib before so I was a tad bit nervous, but I followed the recipe exactly and it came out amazing. My family loved it. Thank you so much for such a great recipe.

  29. 5 stars
    I never write reviews on any recipe, yet I saved this and joined this website just for this ONE recipe! Prime rib recipe that was absolutely perfect! I changed NOTHING, besides added a little bit less because I had a 4.30 size prime rib roast. The best EVER!

  30. 5 stars
    Last year, I decided it was redemption time, for overcooking our Christmas Prime Rib years ago. It was a full rack, 13 ribs, so no pressure! I looked at a lot recipes and finally settled on this one. Since my roast was so large (and barley fit in my oven) my cooking time calculated to be something like 4hrs. This is why you NEED INTERNAL THERMOMETERS! I used 3, at different lengths of the roast and they all read slightly different temps. Nervously, I removed the roast a couple of hours before the time it was supposed to come out based on what my thermometers were telling me. It turned out delicious!! When you have a full rack, you really have to go off of the temperature, because the time/lb doesn’t take into account the length of your roast. And definitely invest in using at least two thermometers, ideally the same brand so as to reduce variation in readings. Hope this helps!

  31. I have used both this Prime rib roast recipe and your Fool proof turkey recipe. 100% hands down the best, tastiest, and easiest recipes. Thank you!

  32. My third holiday season using this no fail recipe. I follow it to a T and always use a bone in roast (my local store always removes the bone and then ties it back on.) Absolutely delicious! I’ve shared the recipe many times.

  33. 5 stars
    My first and only time making prime rib and it was PERFECT!!! I struggle over cooking meats, but these instructions are fool proof if you follow them exactly. Thank you!!

  34. 5 stars
    This is my go-to recipe for prime rib. Not only does it make a delicious roast, but the herb crust also results in a great presentation. The tips are fantastic (especially salting and covering with plastic wrap while coming to room temperature – don’t forget that step, people!). So many of my “that’s a keeper” recipes are from Tastes Better – thank you, Lauren!

  35. If you are cooking 2 ,10 lb prime in 2 separate pans what is the time for med/rare? Do you add them or just use
    a meat thermometer ?

  36. I used your recipe to cook my prime rib roast. Your recipe was easy and fast. I love it. The prime rib is cooking right now but the smell in my house smells good. I cant wait to try it.

  37. 5 stars
    I have not tried but I am going to in two weeks. This looks like a cast iron skillet you have roast in? The sides are not high. So could I use my two handled 14 inch cast iron skillet ? sides are about 2 inchs

  38. 5 stars
    A fantastic recipe!! This one I will keep for special occasions!This roast received many compliments! Thank you for this!

  39. 3 stars
    Garlic olive oil rosemary rub was really good! Reason for the 3 stars-used a digital meat thermometer and took the roast out when it registered 125degrees. Also
    checked with an older thermometer same reading.That was to be medium rare however, it was really rare, almost raw.
    Had we cooked it 40 more minutes, think it would have been perfect. It was $15.95 per pound so really didn’t want to mess it up. So we nuked individual pieces- not the whole roast. My advice would be go by the pound directions. Delicious.

    1. I always cook my prime extra rare, then accommodate individual temperature preferences simply by having a hot auju and dipping the individual pieces of prime in the hot auju. This will bring it up to temp perfectly, and be juicy!

    2. When I worked in a restaurant, we brought undercooked prime up in temp by bathing in hot au jus until it was at desired temp.

  40. 5 stars
    Wow 🤩! I was also afraid to ruin an expensive piece of meat but your recipe was perfect! I didn’t have a thermometer that read 120 degrees. (Lowest was 130) So I followed the 12 min per lb cooking time and it was exactly medium rare.

    I even put large chunks of veggies (single layer) around the 5.5lb boneless roast and it still cooked evenly. I used a combo of olive oil and softened butter around the roast as well.

    Thank you for helping me make my Father’s Day gift to my husband a success !! Prime rib lunch!!

  41. I made this last night…DELICIOUS!! My husband raved all night about it and wondered why we bother to go out to a restaurant. Thank you for a delicious recipe. I LOVED how the crust was created. PERFECT!!

  42. 5 stars
    Today will be the 2nd time we make this amazing recipe, of yours!!!
    It is simply the best!!! Thank You 💝☀️📣

  43. 5 stars
    My second time using this recipe. I cooked bone in prime rib and it was delicious. My family is more on the medium well done side and i cooked it a little longer. Oh i can’t wait until Christmas to cook again. My only disappointment was no drippings for the au jus sauce, it was all grease. So I’m in search for an au jus recipe. Thanks much.

    1. Hi Cynthia, I always use Heinz Au Jus in the jar and add a 1/2 can beef broth. You can season with garlic powder and a bit of pepper, turns out perfect!

  44. 5 stars
    I’ve made this recipe probably 6 times. I always vary the herbs based on what I have on hand and have to cook it quite a bit longer (which could be because of my oven or the fact that we are at elevation – I just use a meat thermometer like suggested) but it always turns out phenomenal. The info in the blog post was extremely helpful and made cooking a large, expensive cut of meat less intimidating. Thank you!

  45. Thank you for sharing this easy to follow recipe, with great results! For my boneless 5-lb’er, I added large pieces of cut vegetables (carrots, celery, tomato potato, and onions) beneath the rack holding the prime rib. This added additional flavor and moisture. Cooked it using my digital thermometer to exactly 120 degrees, after letting it sit for about 20 mins, it was perfect, medium rare…The entire group loved it!

  46. 5 stars
    SO GOOD and EASY! I wish I would have found this recipe for our Christmas prime rib. I will use only this recipe from here on out….Thank you!

    1. 5 stars
      I used this recipe for our family Christmas dinner everyone loved it. I saw where someone said it was overcooked. As stated in the directions you really need a temp probe for this. Prime rib goes from juicy delicious to blah 😒 overdone quickly. I set by probe for 115 “aiming for 120” so i can monitor it closely and then i pull it out and tent with foil for 20 30 minutes. Comes to a perfect medium rare. Also spicing is an individual taste. I know how i like my roast so i adjust the spice.

  47. 5 stars
    I tried this as a boneless prime rib, used Butter with herbs instead of oil. Cooked as instructed, and it was amazing. Better than a restaurant.

  48. 5 stars
    I usually cook my prime rib on my gas grill but it’s been so cold and windy, I decided to roast my 5lb’r in the oven for our New Years Eve dinner, I’m so glad I did!! Your recipe was great, it turned out perfectly! I did make one sub and used 1 stick of softened unsalted butter, instead of olive oil. Mixed the herbs and garlic in it and covered all sides with it. This will be my go to recipe from now on!!! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

  49. 5 stars
    The herb crust on this roast was superb! My meat thermometer was my most important tool. My only prime rib recipe now! Thank you!

  50. Prepared per your directions and it was perfect. Served with Braised Celery With Almonds, Butter Lettuce Salad, and creamy mashed potatoes, and horseradish.
    Overall a fabulous dinner.

  51. 5 stars
    It’s been a few years since I’ve cooked a prime rib. The last time I cooked one it was overdone. I like my rib roast cooked medium rare. Followed this recipe as written and it came out perfect. This will be my go to recipe from now on. Thanks for sharing.

  52. It came out Beautiful!! Thank you for the help. Highly recommended recipe. It’s so easy & you will not be disappointed.😊

  53. Omg!!! I have never cooked a prime rib roast before and I just have to tell you, with your recipe it came out better than I have ever had at any restaurant!!! Thank you so much. I cooked a 3.5 lb. bone-in one as I’m a widow and it was just for me. I had family over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day so I cooked this today, the day after Christmas for my dinner. Thanks again! You’re a saint!

  54. Herbs are delicious, but how do you prevent them from burning in the first 15 minutes? Set off my smoke detector. I put a piece of foil on top to try to stop the burning. The roast itself was delicious.

  55. 5 stars
    First time I’ve roasted two prime rib roasts in separate ovens, one a medium-rare and the other medium. Both came out spectacular and mouthwatering. My family absolutely loved it! Thank you!

  56. 5 stars
    This 70 year old Grandfather cooked a near perfect Prime Rib for the remaining family Christmas Day with nothing leftover but smiles and complements GREAT RECIPE

  57. 5 stars
    Perfect! This recipe is now The Gospel of the Prime Rib. Thank you! No one at the table has ever had Prime Rib this perfect and delicious!

  58. My family LOVED this prime rib! It was so easy for me to make and I’ll definitely be making it again! I added a butter and herb cap on it before putting it in the oven and it was just so juicy, flavorful and delicious. I will say that using a probe thermometer/timer with the external display really transformed the roasting experience for me, eliminating opening and closing the oven to check using a regular meat thermometer. I’ll never roast another prime rib or turkey without it! Thanks for this delicious recipe!!

  59. 2 stars
    Followed directions exactly cooked my 4 lb roast 15 minutes at 500 and then 1 hour at 325. It was raw. Had to put it in the microwave to cook a little longer

  60. 5 stars
    Merry Christmas Lauren! I just started my adventure in cooking in Spring of 2021. I have tried a lot of your recipes, I try other sites and cook books, but I always come back to “Taste better from scratch”! You have made my cooking experience fabulous! I made this prime rib, and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing your love of cooking with us! ❤️

  61. If you’re cooking a bone-in roast, have the butcher cut the bones off the roast, then tie the meat and bones back together. When the roast is co coked and ready to carve, cut the string and set the bones aside. Makes it MUCH easier to carve and you still get all the great flavour form the bones.

  62. thank you,thank you keep these great recipes coming. last year i tried cooking a prime rib for christmas dinner,came out not to good,overcooked bland,ended up with a bucket of chicken this year WOW turned out great thanks again.

  63. cooked today, for a family reunion. 13.3 lb boneless rib eye roast. Used Montreal Steak seasoning, cooked as directed above. PERFECTION! Thank you, from all of us.

  64. 5 stars
    Cooked to perfection! Thre spice rub was flavorful but not overpowering. The meat was absolutely delicious. This recipe is a keeper.

  65. I cooked a 7.45 pound costco prime rib per your receipe last night. Unfortunately, my guests did not show up on time, but I removed the roast from the oven after cooking 97 minutes at 325F. We ate an hour later. The meat was brown, but good; it was about medium. Still quite good tasting. Some of the guests thought it was just right, but I was a little disappointed because I wanted medium rare, but what could I do?

  66. 5 stars
    Just a few tweaks for your consideration…….. Used a mini food processor to make the herb/ oil rub, with dried rosemary, thyme , garlic, olive oil salt and pepper. It does a great job of emulsifying into a loose paste. Removed the roast from the fridge and liberally salted about 3 hours before baking. An hour before baking wiped away the salt and blotted the meat dry. Then applied the herb paste to all surfaces. Made a makeshift “rack” out of 4 large carrots, cut in half lengthwise and placed flat side down in the bottom of a 12” sauté pan. Bonus they’re delicious roasted.
    Obtaining the desired temperature is a bit tricky. Was looking for medium rare. I used a programmable probe thermometer that sets 125 degrees for rare which with a 10 degree carryover resulted in medium well. Next time I will bake to 118-120. All in all a great method !

  67. 5 stars
    Used your receipe for the first time I was making Prime Rib. WOW! Came out sooo good!!! Easy to follow, loved it!

  68. 5 stars
    I flatten the fresh garlic like a paste & didn’t use a lot, my wife is not crazy about garlic 🤔 This Prime Rib & recipe came out perfect! Thanks 😁😁😋😋

  69. 5 stars
    I have made prime rib a handful of times and this is by far the best recipe out there! I tried this recipe for my Easter dinner and it was just fabulous!! It was so tasty and unbelievably tender. Thank you so much for this great recipe.

  70. 5 stars
    This recipe came out perfect. I mean PERFECT. I used a 4lb Prime Rib Roast and this recipe was amazing…. I’m keeping this in my recipe catalog because I’ve tried other recipes and I’ve ended up with over cooked roasts… but this one is FANTASTIC!!! Meat was tender you could cut it with a butter knife. Thank you so much for this recipe!!!!

    1. 5 stars
      I tried this prime roast recipe and it was amazing. Even a couple very picky eaters in my house we’re picking at it as long as it was sitting on the stove. I had been hoping for leftovers and there was actually none.

      Like you I love the flavor of the seasonings so much that I’m actually going to use it on a chuck roast tomorrow. I can’t see how it wouldn’t be just as good.

      I will let you know how it turns out.

    1. 4 stars
      Julie, I had to add some water/beef bouillon because the garlic was starting to burn. But I added it after the fact and because the pan and oil were already hot I had some splattering!! I had the same problem with Joanna Gains chicken recipe….those skillets need some moisture or the food just burns….and smokes…and the fire detectors go off!! 🙁
      Otherwise, my prime rib was delicious and I will use this recipe again!

  71. First time cooking one and it was prime rib perfection! Although my grocery store didn’t have prime cut and I ended up with choice cut. Still was excellent!!! And I look forward to the next time when I will be sure to get prime cut:)

  72. 5 stars
    I’ve used this recipe 3 times. It always produces an excellent prime rib. With one exception, I follow the recipe completely, and remove the roast at an internal temperature of 120 F. I end up with a roast that varies from medium to rare after 30 minutes of rest. The only deviation I make from the recipe is baking at 475 F for the first 15 minutes, instead of 500 F. We live at 6,300 ft. elevation, so this slight adjustment prevents over-searing. Using a good meat thermometer is essential. This is a great recipe. Thank Lauren!

  73. 5 stars
    ever so awesome with proportion adjustments and the simplest instructions- Came out perfect! Thank you Laura and Merry Merry!

  74. 5 stars
    We usually have ham for Christmas day, but I wanted to try something different. Went with this recipe and it is a huge hit. Will be using this one again. Thank you!

  75. For medium rare, do I pull the roast at 120 degrees then allow to rest for ~30min to come up in temperature to approx 130 degrees for medium rare?

    1. 5 stars
      I use the 500 degree method. 5 minutes per pound at 500 (so a 5.20 lb roast will be 26 minutes), then shut off the oven and leave the door shut for 2 hours. Do not open the oven even for a quick peek. Perfectly medium rare from end to end. If your oven has a cooking time feature, use that to have it shut off automatically.

      You have to make sure you pull the roast out of the fridge for an hour before cooking or it will be undercooked this way.

  76. Am I supposed to start the x minutes per pound (depending on which doneness I want) after the first 15 minutes at 500°, or is that first 15 minutes included in the total cook time figured by multiplying the roast weight times the minutes for the doneness I want?
    Example: I want it medium rare (ideally in between medium rare & medium). 13 min per lb x 7.2 lb roast = 94 minutes. Is that 94 minutes plus the initial 15 minutes at 500°which equals 109 minutes, or is it 94 minutes total meaning 15 min @ 500° and then 79 min at 325°? I know to use a thermometer, but I’m trying to time other parts of the meal around it. Thanks.

  77. Amanda,
    500F at 15 minutes will sear the meat whether it is a 6lb or 19 1/2lb. Turn it down to 325F and cook it until you reach your desired internal temperature of the meat. DO NOT FORGET TO REST YOUR ROAST FOR 30-40 MINUTES BEFORE SLICING FOR SERVING! If you don’t let it rest and slice it to soon, you will have a tough and chewy roast. Also, be sure to take it out of the refrigerator about 2 hours before you plan to cook it so that it is around room temperature BEFORE you put it in the oven. I hope the information I have provided helps you and your prime rib turns out great! Happy holidays to you and your family!

  78. 5 stars
    My while family was impressed with how our Christmas 2020 prime rib dinner turned out! I never made one before, but I filled the directions, and it was perfect! Thank you!!

  79. 5 stars
    Perfect recipe for my very first prime rib — I followed the directions almost exactly, except I didn’t quite go to 500 degrees during the first segment because I feared getting the house too smoky.

    The tip to let the meat come to room temperature seems to be very important.

    I’m doing another prime rib tomorrow 🙂

  80. My mom makes this every Christmas, but this year it’s my job & I am a little worried. She handed me a 19 1/2 lb full rack rib roast! Should I still leave it on 500 for the 15 minutes or maybe go a little longer before I turn it down? Either way I am definitely using this recipe.

    1. 15 minutes.. it will still brown on top. But will take longer to cook.. about 13-15 minutes per pound for medium rare.. so add your time so you know approx. how long and use a good thermometer. Merry Christmas!!

      1. 5 stars
        That’s the method I use, but after the time is up, you shut the oven off and leave it in the oven with the door shut for 2 hours. It gets you medium rare all the way through, even on the ends. Just don’t open the door to peek or the heat gets out and it won’t cook all the way. Bringing it up to room temperature for an hour before cooking is critical with this method.

    2. 5 stars
      The 500 degree period is only to sear or brown the outside. I’ve cooked two bones to a full rack and brown only for 15 to 20 minutes regardless of size. Then cook at 325 degrees until internal temp is reached.

  81. Hi! Excited to try this recipe for Christmas dinner! Have had a couple of previous failed attempts. We have a 10lb roast – should we cut that in half or is it ok to cook the entire thing using your time table? thank you!

    1. 5 stars
      Need help. I am crunched for time and need to turn up the temperature how high is the highest I can turn on the oven without greatly compromising the meat. ???? I’ve made this recipe for several years and never ran into this issue please help.

  82. 5 stars
    Just made this for Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve not made many roasts, so wanted guidance, and following this
    recipe provided the very best beef we’ve enjoyed; either in our home or out in a restaurant. Will definitely use again.

  83. Far too much garlic unfortunately. I had 3.5 pound prime rib do reduced rub to 60% of recipe. Garlic burned somewhat leaving acrid taste and overpowered the thyme and rosemary. I have cooked beef roast many different ways over past 40 years but though I really like garlic I would not try this recipe again. Still you don’t know until you try it.

  84. 5 stars
    I hate cooking. I really do. However the man of the house loves my cooking. I shook like a leaf when he brought home this very expensive piece of boneless Prime . I searched Pinterest and found this recipe. Sure seemed easy enough. I did it and he loved it. “Best I’ve ever had”. I’m being “forced” to cook it tonight. So I either say THANKS A LOT to a great recipe…or ugh…thanks a lot!

  85. I used a whole boneless rib eye. Cut down to fit my roaster. It was verry easy, simple and most of all mouthwatering, delicious.
    Good job.

  86. 4 stars
    This recipe is really, really good. The rub is well-thought and lets the true flavor of the meat shine through without too much spice. I would let the roast get to room temperature longer than 1 hour. My roast took longer to cook than what is stated, I think, because it was too cold to start. Otherwise, this is a keeper! Thanks.

    1. 5 stars
      I agree, the time from refrigerator to oven needs to be longer. As with Diana, my roast was still cold after a solid hour. That being said, the recipe was great. I used the 140 degrees/medium and with a full 30 minutes of rest post oven, and the meat was great ( solid pink center). The rub is easy and very tasteful. Start with a good quality of roast and you can’t go wrong!

  87. 5 stars
    Lauren, I fixed this for my family for our Christmas Celebration. My entire family lives two hours away and always comes to my home for Christmas. I’ve been preparing a beef tenderloin for them (they are all beef-eaters!) and decided to use this recipe to change it up. IT WAS FANTASTIC! So much easier than the tenderloin and they have already requested it for Christmas for next year. Thanks for such an easy recipe. To tell you how good it was, my husband and daughter are not beef eaters (I could skip meat altogether!) and they said it smelled so good and was getting such rave reviews, they ate it too! I had ham for them and it went uneaten because they wanted their share of the Prime Rib!
    THANKS for making me a rock star cook!

  88. I just bought an 8 1/2 pound Boneless Prime Rib Roast. Can’t wait to try this recipe. Do you think a double herb recipe will be enough for this large of a roast? maybe I’ll cut the roast in half and freeze one of the halves. Can’t wait!!

  89. 5 stars

    Could you please recommend a good meat thermometer. I’m looking for something easier than what I have.

    Made this tonight. Great recipe!!!

  90. 5 stars
    Excellent! Remindes me of the Prime Rib Roast my father cooked. He was a local chef before chefs became popular career choice. Thank you.

  91. Has anyone done two simultaneously? Mine are 13.5 lbs each. I’m aiming at medium rare. Any suggestions , like adjustments to temperature and/or time? Or , bag it!

    Thanks, Richard

  92. 5 stars
    Made this tonight for our Christmas dinner. Was super easy and delicious. I doubled the herb rub for a 5 1/2 lb roast and it was amazing. Even our non-meat eaters loved it.
    Thank you for the great recipe! Merry Christmas.

  93. I’ve been using a similar tactic for 5 years now. I generally do a 7 rib for Christmas. I recommend getting bone in and most butchers will cut the bones off and tie them to the roast. I find this to add flavor and moisture.

  94. We have a 13lb boneless prime rib, do I need to cut it in half for roasting or do I leave it in its whole form? Our family likes it on the rare to medium rare side! I just didn’t know if it would be too rare if I left it in its whole form?! Thanks so much!

  95. It’s a very easy question for you. If I use a roasting pan do I cook with lid on or off. I’m guessing off for the searing but didn’t know about the low temp cooking. Thanks

  96. i am buying a 6 pound BONE LESS PRIME RIB and
    i am scared stiff that i may under cook or overcook it
    one guest likes the end cut a little well cooked
    but not the rest of my guests

  97. This recipe sounds amazing! I’m wondering how far ahead of serving it could be prepared. I need to have my meal prepared, then go to a church service for two hours ( including travel time ) then quickly prep dinner when i get back home. Do you think there’s a way to make this work ?

    1. Yes. Calculate the cooking time and then leave for church with 2 hours left on the cooking time! Take it out as soon as you’re home and let it rest while you are prepping your dinner.
      If you are worried about being gone a little longer, you could turn the temperature down 15 degrees on your oven.
      Best of luck!

  98. 5 stars
    I made a 4lb prime rib tonight using your cooking method and it was absolute perfection! Thank you so much. I’ll try your rub recipe next time, I didn’t want to run out to the store so I used my “go to” of Lawry’s and pepper. I did add dried rosemary, though! Thanks, again!

  99. The rub was great. But I cooked it the exact time as suggested and it was still raw. It needed at least 20 min/ lb.

    1. Hi.. this sounds great I am going to make this on Christmas Day. I ordered a PR Roast from Costco bone-in and it is 19lbs. We have a big family and will eat this leftover as well. Is there anything you would do different due to the size of the roast? Thanks in advance:)

  100. 5 stars
    I had 2 failed attempts at making prime rib and had written it off saying never again. I cam across the recipe and you made it look and sound easy so I thought I’d give it one more try and boy I’m so glad I did. It was so delicious! (and so simple). Even my husband who isn’t wild about prime rib said it was awesome and went back for seconds I will never hesitate to make one again now that I have your recipe. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  101. 5 stars
    I don’t usually leave comments but this recipe deserves high praise. The best roast that I have ever cooked (and I’ve cooked a lot of great roast beef dinners).I followed the recipe exactly as written. This recipe won’t disappoint.

  102. 5 stars
    I made this recipe for Christmas dinner and I over bought just in case. I ended up not cooking a 5 lb 11 oz bone in piece so I sealed it in my Food Saver and froze it. Last evening I went to grab a ham I had sealed and frozen, but to my surprise today I saw I had grabbed the almost 6 lb Prime Rib instead!
    The recipe is wonderful, it’s cooking away as I type and drool over the wonderful smells it is sending through my house! Thanks for a great fool-proof recipe!

  103. 5 stars
    This was so easy to put together. It’s in the oven right now and my house smells amazing. Just hit 106 degrees. My meat thermometer broke so I am using the temp probe from my crock pot to check it!

  104. 5 stars
    This was my first time making a prime rib and I followed the recipe exactly as it was written. It came out perfect! I also followed your advise and invested in a meat thermometer. I highly recommend this tool. Thank you for a delicious dinner.
    Note: since my roast was 4.5 pounds, the next time I will take it out of the oven when the reading reaches 115 degrees and not 120 degrees to achieve med rare.

  105. 5 stars
    It was really wonderful. I used all the noted ingredients but didn’t measure the amounts. I made a slice between the bones and the roast and tucked some of the marinade inside and tied it back together with string. I put carrots and onions in the bottom of the pan with some water. When the roast was done and sliced, I used a processor to chop the carrot and onion with some broth and squeezed the broth through a strainer into the Au Jus, separating the fat. Served it with horseradish softened with a bit of sour cream. Really good!

  106. 5 stars
    I used this recipe instead of my tried and true dill prime rib recipe.
    Your instructions are great, anyone who is not familiar with making a rib roast can use this and be assured that when the roast comes out of the oven it will be PERFECT. Ours was fabulous.
    Now serving. Lessons from Grandma Boyd.
    Remember to let the roast sit to temperature, and while it is sitting make the gravy, put away anything on the counter, address to the table any remaining dishes and ask your guests to be seated. When the roast is ready and sitting on the carving board one by one ask your guest how thick of a cut they want, half an inch or inch? Pull his or her plate off the table cut and serve, Repeat. If you have more than four guest have a assistant (one of the older kids) to help serve.
    Thank you for this Lauren

    1. Hi Diane, they would cook according to the same timetable per-pound listed in the post above (depending on how well done-you want it). Be sure to use a meat thermometer 🙂

  107. 5 stars
    I’ve never had prime rib at Christmas time, but that is about to change! Love the fresh herb crust, mmmm.

  108. 5 stars
    Yum! Definitely trying this recipe this Christmas Eve! My family loved the no fuss turkey. Your step by step instructions make it sooo easy for a beginner!

  109. 5 stars
    We were just thinking of making Prime Rib for Christmas this year so I was excited to see you share your recipe! I’ll let you know how it turns out!