Japanese rice cakes with an ice cream center!

Freeze ice cream balls

Combine rice flour, sugar, and powdered sugar in a microwave safe bowl. Add water and stir.

Microwave mochi dough and fold the mixture

Roll mochi dough into a rectangle. Use biscuit cutter to cut circles in dough.

Fill mochi with ice cream

Pinch the edges of the mochi to seal it

Place mochi on a piece of plastic wrap, bring corners to center and twist tightly at the top.


I have made three batches in three days. They are SO GOOD and everyone loves them. So far we have tried mint chocolate, dulce de leche, and strawberry and have loved every one. I think this will be a new go-to. Thanks!

I've always wanted to make these from scratch, and when I saw your new recipe we tried them out for New Years. They were fun to make and easier than I thought. Thank you!